Maybe I should find a hobby

I babysit quite frequently and one of the the older kids I look after made an interesting point.
“My cousin says you should take time out to persue your hobbies away from school or work. Mine are dancing, drama, singing, drawing. Oh and writing! I’m really good at drama. I want to do dualogues though, it’s more realistic.”
And yes, the 10 year old used the word persue. And dualogue. I don’t know ifthose are mighty words for a 10 year old but I certainly didn’t talk like that at her age. 10 year old me tried to impress people by using profanities in every sentence as well as throwing in somewhat articulate language every so often so people still thought I was clever. Being cool and clever were both important qualities for primary school, apparently. At least I thought so. Hmm…

The girl then proceeded to ask me what my hobbies were. And I was genuinely stuck. What are my hobbies? What do I like to do in my spare time? I must have looked like a right numpty sitting on her porch with a blank expression. It’s not a hard question for most people. I couldn’t say I didn’t have any because that’s absurd to a 10 year old. Plus I’d have to explain why and I really don’t want to go there because that would be an even harder question to answer…
So I was very boring.

“I like shopping. And YouTubing stuff. And… drawing. I like drawing too. I’m not any good though. I watch anime sometimes also. Yeah…I do…stuff.”
Answering her question with generic answers and negativity. YAY.
Thankfully she didn’t ask anymore and went to play on the swing. But I think I should find a hobby. There must be something out there I would enjoy. Maybe. The chances of me figuring it out and having the guts to go and try it out are low but still. There must be something that could make me happy and forget about being a depressed fuck. I mean the things I mentioned are stuff I do sometimes, but I wouldn’t say I get particular pleasure from them. It’s more time wasting than fulfilling. It’s also stuff I can do from the comfort of my bed. Well, shopping not so much. But I can browse the internet for things I could buy if I were to venture outside. Win.

Side note: Apologies for any spelling mistakes. For whatever reason I can’t find the spell check button. It’s hiding from me. I abused it too much on here and now it’s leaving me to fend for myself. So yeah, spelling isn’t my strongest point and any mistakes on here are not intentional and I’m sorry >.<


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